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I.O.M Summer Series Round 12 15th September 2019

Just after the start at Scotland Farm


Another good day at Scotland farm, Record turnout with 14 skippers coming to the line and 6 different designs , Wind was 70 % of top suit to start and faded for the last three races, all very exciting racing along the East bank. We had a new Titan out from Mick Cooper for the first time, one or two minor issues as you always get with a new boat but trust me it will be quick. Mick Chamberlain got of to a good start with his Sedici just pipping Bob Geary with another Sedici, Normal service was resumed in race two with Robs Brit Pop just pipping Adrians Sedici , Race team Jen Hand kept things going and race three was Robs followed by Mick Ch. After race 4 a coffee break was called, the wind had dropped a little and in race 5 Keith Holmes got his name on the board with his Brit Pop, Chris Graves was struggling, maybe trying to hard , but had his just desserts in race 6 with a win. Ivan 93 had to leave early, and Geoff Streeter is still getting to grips with the AB4, Graham K was sailing very well, but as the breeze went soft it became more difficult to keep the boat moving, Adrian got a great win in race 7 and was so far in front it looked like he only did one lap ( Just Joking), Final win of the day was Mick Ch putting the Sedici on top of the pile for the day . The final series standings will be published in the next few days, and presentation of the trophy will be done at the clubs AGM early in November.

The series has been excellent this year and to round it of with 14 skippers and also a couple of prospective members looking on, the club is healthy and looking forward to a great winter series. I am expecting to add a few phots to this post as a photographer friend was in attendance


well done to all the helpers and OOD,s  and the skippers for making this a great days racing



Sedici 46


DF 65 Summer series Round 6

What a glorious morning , tempretures in the high teens 10 expectant skippers, A great ziggy zaggy course, but wait,, the wind was in the North and not a lot of it, Added to that there was a lot of green salad around and when I say a lot it was humungous, It kinda made procceding a bit like the ” Scotto” except it was not A Pound a go. Very frustrating morning for all and was the worst we have experienced this year. Many thqanks To Mick Cooper and Geoff Streeter for doing the dutie’s and the weed helpers before and during racing ” every little helps ” Well done to Keith for the Win and have to mention Geoff S sailed very well when he was not caught up and got 4th . Hey ho one round to go, get it in your diary.

DF 65 racing at a venue near you

I.O.M Summer Series Round 11 1st September 2019

Steady day decent breeze , blue sky , 10 skippers , including a couple of very welcome guests, Racing started on the east bank and stayed there all morning, Wind veered a bit and picked up a knot or two , but it was great racing. Mick Cooper won the first two races, well done to him it was well sailed ( but he was a bit shocked himself) ,,, Mick Chamberlain won the next two , with Chris Elliott wining race five, Gotta say there was a bit of salad around and severall pit stops had to be made. Peter Cogill has got his V9 fired up and had some very consistant results, Chris Graves was fortunate in more ways than one, He won the August “SCOTTO” and went home loaded, But before the final outcome,,, I must tell you about race 7 ,, we had done about 50 yards of the first beat and the heavans opened its bomb doors and it chucked it down like a monsoon, not only that but the wind veered 10 more degrees and increased to maybee 25 knots , boats were wiping out all over the place, diving and the course was strewn with wreckage, gotta say The Sedici of Mick Chamberlain took off and went ,,,, call it luck call it what you want but it managed to win the race by more than a whole leg quite easily, on coming ashore ( and Mick said the mast was bending quite a lot ) he noticed a broken shroud. End of story for the day, well only five finishers in that race and as quick as it came it went so by race six it was back to 10 knots , pretty exciting stuff while it lasted.

Upshot is the result went to Chris Graves,,, on top of his winnings , so well done to him. Cruise Booked !!!1

Many thanks to the OOD’S and helpers , great racing . I should also mention a chappy ( forgot his name sorry ) who came down from Newark with his DF 95 and raced with us. Hopefully he will come and join us again and we are on the lookout for a I.O.M for him, Keith Holmes has one I know.

till next time results below

Chris Grave’s a double winner in Round 11

DF 95 Summer Series Round 6 25th August 2019

A hot sunny day with a wisp of a breeze off the East bank greeted 7 competitors. including one visitor (potential new member?). Although the wind fluctuated in direction during the day it did not significantly increase in strength. Thanks to the race officers who got the best available racing from the morning.

snipped 201908 25 DF95 SS 6

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